Tap Into Real Business Success In Five Steps (Using EFT)

Teaching the techniques to a more profitable you


If you want a successful business but have limiting beliefs, this course is a must.

•    Do you feel overwhelmed, anxious, and like you're putting limits on your business success?
•    Do you feel you're not good enough in your business and find you compare yourself to others?
•    What would business look like if you could let go of old patterns and behaviours?
•    What if you could tap into real business success and feel more empowered and positive?

Have you noticed how little time we spend reflecting on our thoughts and instead let our minds create and store beliefs such as ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘I’m a failure’ and so on? It's these thoughts that create negative emotional cycles and result in us behaving and making decisions from fear. This can stop us from stepping out of our comfort zone and truly going after our business dreams.

EFT is destined to be a top healing tool for the 21st century - Cheryl Richardson

The more we reinforce our negative ‘beliefs’ the more real they become for us. Negative beliefs can form our reality and hold us back from achieving real business success. Many of us continue to reinforce our limiting beliefs rather than challenging them. I'm here to help you challenge them in this clear, step by step course, giving you what you need to develop greater confidence and go after the business of your dreams.

Are you ready to create business success?


If you’re ready to break old thought patterns and build a successful business of your dreams, then this course is for you.

The course will give you the tools to clear your sub-conscious blocks to success and break free from old patterns of behaviour. You’ll go from feeling stuck in your business to taking action where previously you’ve been held back. You’ll feel happier and healthier and will increase your business success as a result.

You’ll have access to my expert knowledge and will be guided through the steps needed to apply EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) in your daily life.  This course will enable you to create transformations and breakthroughs, not just in your business but in your thinking too!

Unlike various drugs and supplements touted to lower cortisol, EFT has no side effects. EFT offers great healing benefits - Deepak Chopra, MD

You’ll have access to 2 ½ hours of powerful video content including 2 bonus videos and 8 supporting PDFs. You can work through at your own pace and will have lifetime access to the course.

•    Learn how to apply EFT into your daily life and clear sub-conscious blocks to success
•    Move forward at a faster pace than you are now and release negative emotions
•    Break free from old patterns of behaviour and feel healthier and happier
•    Go from stuck to stepping out of your comfort zone and taking confident action in your business
•    Increase your business success with this simple to follow course

What's included?

16 Videos
5 Quizzes
8 PDFs
Suzie Flynn BSc
Suzie Flynn BSc
Licenced EFT Practitioner

About the instructor

Suzie has combined EFT into her coaching and NLP practice and created impactful results for business owners. She has had success with clients in challenging their negative beliefs, helping them move out of their comfort zone and taking more action in their business.

Having gone on her own journey from lack of self-belief, fear of failure and comparison to others, Suzie has used EFT to achieve success in her business with great results.

Passionate about helping others from a very young age, Suzie’s purpose is to create a safe space for people to explore their emotions, learn EFT and move beyond the obstacles which are currently holding them back in their business.

In this simple to follow 5 step course you’ll apply EFT, move from where you are to where you want to be and take more action in your business.


What other have said about this course

Amy Quarton

If you want a successful business but have limiting beliefs, this course is a must

EFT is a powerful tool you can use yourself to break through blocks you have to living your life as fully and successfully as you’d like. In 'Tap Into Real Business Success In Five Steps (Using EFT)' Suzie guides you through how and why EFT was cr...

natalie shirlaw


Excellent course, well thought out and planned. Very easy to follow. I enjoyed it and learned a lot. 5 stars.

taruna chauhan

Excellent Introduction to EFT

I am new to EFT and wondered how it could be used for Business Success. The videos were easy to understand and just the right length, the PDF provided to support the courses have been excellent and well thought out. I enjoyed doing the course an...

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